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Second Announcement


Season Finale Chuck and Blair SPOILERS (read no further if you do not want to be spoiled)


Okay, has someone already explained how Christiana and I figured out (one of) the final scenes of the season will be CB?

Basically, the bottom right of every call sheet has the advance filming schedule that summarizes the following filming day. Since today was day 8 of 8 for 5.23, that means the following day’s filming had to be 5.24.

Okay, now the advance filming schedule tells you where the scene is, when the scene is and who is in the scene. This one said Empire Hotel Roof, scene 48, cast members 2 and 6. 2 = Leighton, 6 = Ed. Scene 46 usually means the coda of any given GG episode. If you go to SimplyScripts - Movie Scripts and Screenplays, you can find Gossip Girl script 2.06 and see for yourself.

Therefore, if this call sheet is accurate, that means the final moments of GG season 5 will feature Chuck and Blair on the roof of the Empire together.

Remember this as well ;)

Chuck (5x01): “The word is Yes. I say it at anything. If an opportunity presents itself I take it. There’s nothing I won’t try once. Even happiness.”

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    Therefore, if this call sheet is accurate, that means the final moments of GG season 5 will feature Chuck and Blair on...
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